Happy Turing Day!

Today we celebrate the Jubilee of Alan Turing, who died in 1954, aged 41, and would have turned 100 today. Cheers & raise high the roofbeam! To a brilliant mind and goodhearted person, war hero and computer pioneer. – Bletchley Park really showed how nerds can outplay nazis!


Here’s a poem about him from me (from around 1998)

The Turing Song

there were many men who did not shine
descending from the Turing line
yet they were brave and travelled far
besides, there actually was one star
among them, rather unpolished and dark
hiding out in Bletchley Park
to fight a German mystery / machine
now, someone, please, turn on your screen
to see whatelse he brought us
more than this
than peace

… & here’s the poem i’m referring to

The Lay of the Turings (1850, by Rev. Henry Mackenzie)

„Walter, and James and John have known
not the vain honours of a crown
but calm and peaceful life –
life, brightened by the hallowing store,
derived from pure religion’s lore!
And thus their quiet days passed by;
and Foveran’s honours dormant lie.
till good Sir Robert pleads his claim
to give once more the line to fame:
Banff’s castled towers ring loud and high
to kindly hospitality
and thronging friends around his board
rejoice in Turing’s line restored!“

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